Loi Loi, an eclectic synthpop duo hailing from Washington D.C., is preparing the release of its new LP, Me: Dystopia, due out early this year via Blight Records. The group is sharing a new single and video (directed by Jen Meller) for 'Egipto,' an entrancing mix of pulsing synthesizers and ethereal vocals.

According to Loi Loi, "'Egipto' is a foray into the world of a female alchemist who grapples with the intense pleasure of having the power to turn humans into gold statues, but ultimately, her guilt self-actualizes and her alchemy turns against her." Saxophone flourishes complement the other-worldly vibe given off by vocalist Kristie Di Lascio. But it is the lyrics, delivered in Spanish, that tell the most important story.

"I guess we are living in the age of self-actualization for anyone who is willing to invest in their own potential, and that is a powerful, wonderful thing," says Di Lascio. "But there is a line -- when you feel deep down inside that you have the power to determine your own destiny and manufacture the circumstances you desire, it can be really easy to become fixated on your own magic, to want to control everything. The lyrics remind that the world revolves around an axis outside of oneself, and that no matter what, we always come back to that center point."

Check out the video for Loi Loi's 'Egipto' up above.