Ah, the pop and hiss of a '92 hardcore mixtape you found on the back seat of your brother's Astra. That there is what love sounds like.

Of course a lot of our readers weren't even born then so let's fast forward a few years to today, specifically the precise moment that d'Eon's side project Kallisti burst into our inboxes with Arc Of Fire, his brand new EP described by the producer as:

"A vain, discordant, chaotic 12" record for disagreements at the club. Let this be the adornment to your bathroom-mirror-stares, fistfights, trap-talks, sexual power-moves and police encounters."

Can't say fairer than that really, can you?

If the whole release is based around grotty acid house and breakbeat, count us in. Due out on November 19th but only in vinyl, you'd better download lead track 'Michael Douglas' (yes, amazing isn't it?) while you can.