Montreal-based electronic melody-maker d’Eon is most well-known for collaborating with Grimes on last year’s split Darkbloom EP, but right now you can hear him striking his own chord in this glimmering mixtape, Music for Keyboards Vol. 1, shared via Soundcloud yesterday.

Described by the artist as “COLLECTED KEYBOARD TRAX 2003-2012 TO HOLD U OVER UNTIL LP DROPS”, the thirteen-track collection acts as an optimistic prelude to d’Eon’s upcoming debut album, titled LP, due out on June 6th via Hippos In Tanks.

Don’t just listen to these thirteen special tracks to get a taste of things to come, though; meditative and meandering, this music is a moment in itself. Let yourself into these unravelling compositions; they jangle and jolt, sparkle and spit, and they’re just begging for your imagination to jump inside them.