Before 2008, the term “post-truth” had referred to the nonsensical rhetoric of the Bush administration; however, Oxford Dictionaries mark the first recorded use of the phrase in The Nation in 1992, via an essay that criticized the handling of American gaffes over several decades. Regardless of how it came into fashion, there are few arguments left to claim that we are not living in such an era. How do we cope with the bluster? D Fine Us has an idea.

While Adia Victoria educates us about the blues via her new record, Tomer Katz takes the genre and stretches it for his own use. His debut single as D Fine Us, ‘Post Truth Era Blues’ employs Delta blues rhythms and sentiments with the addition of a drum machine and buzzing production in the background. It is contemporary in its influences, and its lyrical references are topical, delivering a potent message for our time.

"The song shouts out the questions and conflicts we all face while living in a “Post Truth Era” which, at times, makes it hard for us to tell wrong from right, relaxation from addiction and reality from dreams." – Tomer Katz

In the video directed by Idan Weinbren, a Black man played by Shamel Pitts seeks...something. When we don’t know what we are looking for, it can be tough to find; when the goal is justice and an end to prejudice, sometimes a step into the darkness is the only option. Katz can be seen hanging around with a harmonica or guitar, providing support from the sidelines. After all, Pitts handles his own choreographed twists and squirms better alone.

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