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The New Jersey duo of MC Dälek and DJ ‘The Oktopus’ are back with their fifth album proper.

Although you may disagree, Dälek are at their heart a hip-hop act. The fact that they often use industrial beats and sheets of sound to backtrack the stream of consciousness vocals doesn’t take away from the fact that at their core they are a rap outfit.

Beginning with a sample about ‘America’s chickens coming home to roost’ with relation to the terrorist attacks on American soil after years of bombing other countries the album the album launches into No Question which has a simple back beat with plenty of drone layered over the top of it. The vocals are delivered at a frightful pace and I can only really pick out a few words here and there but the intent is clear.

The rest of the album follows along a similar path. Each track is awash with guitar noise, samplings and a simple breakbeat in the background with the dark lyrics being spat out like a machine gun.

I have to say, although I am a fan of Dälek, I find that after a few songs I can’t listen to anymore. I like to listen to their albums a few tracks at a time because otherwise they all get mixed together in my head which is mainly due to their production which doesn’t really distinguish one track from another. I appreciate that they are trying to push the boundaries of what hip-hop is and should be but sometimes that comes at the price of writing songs that are indistinguishable from one another and also considering it’s a very vocal medium it would be nice to be able to hear some of what they are trying to say.