Originally released in a limited edition CD run by Kangaji Records in 1998, Circumfluence by Puredigitalsilence is one of the true mega rarities of South Korea’s low profile 90s ambient and experimental music scene, and last month, it was released on vinyl for the first time by Seoul-based label Daehan Electronics.

Puredigitalsilence came together in Seoul’s Hongdae district when Choi Yoonyong and Hong Chulki of Astronoise (one of Seoul’s pioneering noise groups) teamed up with fellow sound explorers Yang Yongjun and Jeong Eunju. The quartet was enamoured with the sounds of US and UK noise rock/shoegaze provocateurs like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and Spaceman 3, and collectively sought out a musical space where they had the freedom to play directly from feeling. Along the way, with assistance from sound artist Hankil Ryu aka Daytripper, they stumbled on the druggy ambient electronica of Circumfluence, longform experimental workouts that twenty years after release, resonate and reverberate at a higher frequency than ever before.

Remastered for release in 2xLP vinyl format, Circumfluence is the third reissue by Daehan Electronics and a solid continuation of their stated mission to tracing the history of Korean electronic and experimental music.