Ever elusive Daft Punk: They don't appear on The Colbert Report because of reported Viacom conflicts with last weekend's scheduled Video Music Award appearance on MTV, and then it seems like they're only there for half a minute.

The duo didn't perform at the event, but were simply there to hand out an award and promote the new video for 'Lose Yourself To Dance,' which debuted in part last night. However, Thomas Bangalter is doing a little surprise press, releasing a 20-track playlist of his own design courtesy of Spotify.

Included in the mix, available below, are mostly well-known tracks from Random Access Memories collaborators, like 'Good Times' from Chic, and music from Giorgio Moroder, Chilly Gonzales, N.E.R.D., Panda Bear (both solo and with Animal Collective), among others.

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Watch an excerpt of the new video for 'Lose Yourself To Dance' below.