One of the most unexpected-but-fascinating things about the lead up to Damon Albarn's upcoming solo album Everyday Robots, is the slow reveal of the diverse material he's choosing to release under his own name. Albarn's a guy with a billion different projects, and so far each song sounds like it could've come from a brand new one.

Even if the song's he's been releasing aren't making it any clearer, it's been fun to question whether he's making the most self-representative music of his career or if, as always, he's just experimenting. We've already heard the clunky 'Lonely Press Play', and the eerie sample-heavy 'Everyday Robots' from the album, and now Albarn's unveiled 'Heavy Seas of Love', a light-chanting piano ballad that's made just as distinct by its mock- baritone verses.

Everyday Robots is out April 28th via Parlophone. Stream ' Heavy Seas of Love' below.

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