Artist: Dan Deacon Album: Bromst Label: Carpark Website: Dan Deacon When it was released in January many people were saying that Merriweather Post Pavilion was the first contender for the coveted ‘album of the year’. Two months later and fellow Baltimore resident Dan Deacon has released an album which will be a serious contender to that crown. Build Voice opens the album and literally builds from nothing, silence for five seconds before the sampled voice chanting “oh dear oh dear oh dear” slowly builds. The piano kicks in and Dan Deacons disembodied voice floats along with it. The horns come in, then the drums. It’s a euphoric song and the perfect way to open an album. This is an album that is far more complete than previous effort Spiderman of the Rings. The album contained several great songs and one amazing one in Wham City which was a monster of a song. However, with Bromst, Dan Deacon has made a far more cohesive record. Each song feels as though it’s a completely fleshed out idea and each song flows into the next. The opening salvo of three songs throw the listener straight into the Dan Deacon experience with pounding drums, superhuman keyboard playing as well as the robotic vocals that are Deacons signature. This leads us into Snookered; a song which Dan Deacon has said is currently his favourite to play live. It’s a rather simple track, mostly played on the Glockenspiel. It’s light, airy, and allows the listener a moment of calm after what has come before. That is until the four minute mark when the song ‘breaks’ in such a way that it almost brought this listener to tears. As mentioned before Spiderman of the Rings had a few bum songs. I am happy to say that there are none on Bromst. The album is one that can, and should, be enjoyed from start to finish. Album closer Get Older closes the whole thing perfectly. From the jarring electro opening to the drum/glock combo and the salvo of horns this is bound to have anyone up on their feat and shaking their ass by the time the song ‘drops’. Dan Deacon has seemed like quite a ‘marmite’ band with people either loving or loathing him. Having played a few tracks to people of the latter persuasion and having them renounce their previous statements is a testament to the sheer brilliance of this latest offering and hopefully it will sway many other listeners. Dan Deacon is touring Europe and will be playing in the UK at the start of June. This time around he’s bringing a twelve piece ‘wham city ensemble’ with him which is bound to make what was already a fantastic live show even better. I strongly urge you to check him out. Rating: 9/10