"This is a snapshot of what Brooklyn shows looked like in the first five or so years I lived here. It was great and weird, and I feel lucky to have been around for it. I left out things like proto YYYs and TVOTR because you already know about that stuff. I also made exceptions for Aa and Pterodactyl's 2007 releases because the internet doesn't have much from their early days. Enjoy." - Dan Friel

Check out Dan Friel whilst he's on tour with Lightning Bolt this week.


'Sex Automata" - Ex Models

'Loose Nuts on the Veladrome' - Liars

'Lavender' - Oneida

'El Paso" - Young People

'White Keys' - Sightings

'Hello Friends' - The Good Good

'Elastik-C' - Vaz

'Polio' - Pterodactyl

'Pleased to Meet You' - Japanther

'Thirteen' - Aa (BiG A little a)

'Stand There' - Tyondai Braxton