I guess you could say that I've become rather fanatical when it comes to the work of Illustrator Dan Mumford. It all started when i picked up a copy of "Orchestra of Wolves" by Gallows last Christmas. If it wasn't for my sheer love of the ruthlessly aggressive hardcore punk outfit, then i was certainly persuaded by the art work that graced the cover. Something that could rival anything seen on the covers of the latest horror film releases. A pack of salivating flesh eating wolves amidst a blood curdling dark and thorny over growth. If you haven't seen it, then i suggest you seek it out! It's an image that will linger heavily on your imagination with some nauseating, gut-wrenching symptoms, much like most of Mumford's fear and awe Inspiring pieces. I've covered Dans work previously here on The 405 and would happily do so, until the day i die. For as long as Dan is physically able to recklessly let loose on canvases in a series of diabolical artistic massacres, i will forever be cursed by his style. If i should ever fall into a coma, then Dam Mumford's art is what i want my comatose dreams to consist of. So it was therefore a huge honor, for the me and The 405 to be lucky enough to grab an exclusive interview with Dan. Check it out! When did you first realize that illustrating could become a full time career for yourself? Around the middle of my last year at university i realised that i could probably make a go of it, there seemed to be enough interest in my work, so basically i decided to just see how it went straight away..and it worked out pretty well as a year later im still supporting myself quite comfortably as freelancer! You have a beautifully haunting imagination when it comes to your creations. Where or from whom, do your ideas and inspirations derive from? Im not really sure if im honest, but in general i have just always loved fantasy/sci fi settings, the macabre, comics, films..you get the idea! i just generally think of something that i might want to draw, a central subject, and then sort of put my own spin on it and turn it into a mumford piece, i guess i have a lot of themes and symbols that run through all my work. As an artist myself, I cannot begin to fathom the pain staking process that must go into the intricate, spiraling mass of lines which seem to swallow much of the central focus in you work - Summarise your process in creating a new piece from start to finish. Its a tough one, i think about two years ago i started to get really interested in drawing complex things, it was a bit of a statement out against the naive style of drawing that was prevalent amongst the younger illustrators in the UK, i just thought, 'im going to do the complete opposite and create bold complex images'. Basically i map out the rough shape and the line work, and then start to fill it in more, i work with a tablet now, as i always want to add things in and change it, make it more complex, so it means i can erase and change bits as much as i want now..it works out for the best! But i have sort of become quite natural at doing the lines now, i dont really have to think too much about it. What happens when you make that crucial mistake? Ahh, i think i just answered that above..i used to have that problem a lot, when you make a mistake with a piece that just looks like it cant be rectified..well now, i just use photoshop and my tablet to rectify it, ive managed to carry my style over with no loss of detail or control, so working on photoshop for me works a lot better! Have you ever considered doing your own comic book or working as a comic book illustrator? I would love to, but i dont think im quick enough, i will probably explore it on my own one day, i have a few narrative epics planned out actually, its all fairly apocalyptic stuff, in fact i have a pretty doom laden trilogy planned in my head...hahaha, id love to create it one day. How did you get involved in designing for bands? Like most music based designers i think, by being part of the local music scene! I used to play in a couple of bands, and being the most artistic one i always ended up doing a few fliers and tees, and this sort of turned into my passion and thus my career, and now i mainly do music based artwork, which is great. If you could design for any band(or artists or for that matter any thing that would need designing for) past or present, who would it be and why? I dont have any grand answer here, but i would love to work with (in no particular order) Shai Hulud, Meshuggah, Slayer, Adamantium and Opeth. Id also really like to be let loose in a shop somewhere, just given free reign over the walls. That would be pretty good. Most recently your work was featured at the Pale Horse; Second Coming Art Exhibition in Florida. Tell us a little about that and any other things you consider to be personal achievements. Well, i was unable to attend it, due to it being in another country, but that was a great show that featured some excellent work from loads of great artists. Definitely glad to be a part of that. Other than that i would have to say as of right now, my biggest achievment is actually being able to do this for a living, i cant really believe that people pay me to draw stuff that is so enjoyable! Its definitely a dream job for me. That and getting my degree..that was only last year. What is the key to never getting tired/bored of what you do? Mixing it up! Trying new things and looking forward for new subjects, currently i just started working with a dance/electro group called Evil Nine, which is a first for me..nearly all my music work has been based in the hardcore/metal scene..so thats been a new experience. Other than that, you cant get too bogged down in one genre/area/subject matter. Finally, where do you see yourself 5 years from now, in regards to your work, new projects and any other personal aspirations you have in life. I hope to be in a new studio, where i can print and design to my hearts content, and have a few projects i have in mind well underway. I truly think the last year has just been the beginning of some exciting times. You can check out more of Dans work by visiting his Official Website here!!!