The grind: how we refer to an average work week. Sure, overworked Americans have reclaimed the term as a positive, but the reality is that work sucks. We’d all rather be doing something we love all day, such as creating music—something to which Dana Hobson and Daniel Wolf can relate. The duo goes by Dana and the Wolf, pursuing music careers on the down time from their own day jobs. Watch the stylish new video for their rebellious single, 'Attitude', and you may feel some vicarious satisfaction in sticking it to the man.

In fairness, Hobson likes where she works. The new clip was partly filmed at her current retail fashion gig. But that doesn’t mean the song is no longer relevant; Hobson says of the track, "A lot of jobs are means to an end, especially for us in the creative world. The last thing you want is a boss with a superiority complex.” And when Dana and the Wolf happen upon one such boss, they know how to take care of him, issuing as many expletives as you’ve ever wanted to use against your mediocre manager.

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