Canadian singer-songwriter Dana Gavanski is someone that appeared on our radar earlier this year, when she signed to British bastion of great taste Full Time Hobby. She's continued to take her time over the release of new material, with 'Catch' being the second single released on the label. Today we have the pleasure of bringing your the Jack Barraclough horror-comedy clip that accompanies 'Catch', which Gavanski introduces by saying:

“Catch is a love song to creativity. It describes the longing to make something tangible out of something as intangible as inspiration... To be able to ‘catch’ inspiration as a cat catches mice or hunts for food for her kittens. Living in Belgrade over the last few months I’ve been watching the street cats. There are so many and there’s one particular family that I take notice of, a mother and her litter of kittens. I notice her under cars, bushes, stairs, looking for food. And I also sometimes bring them food, thus taking on the role of a provider. I have a soft spot for cats so the idea for the video came quite naturally, and not subversively. There’s no political underpinning. It’s really just a silly metaphor for how I see my own creativity as a kind of survival. That if you don’t feed your kittens daily they won’t survive, and the same goes for creativity.”

The video for 'Catch' starts with the central idea of desperately striving for inspiration, and then drives it off on a wild and completely unexpected ride. Gavanski plays the hapless cat-loving damsel to begin with - only for a heel turn to reveal her true nature. Not only is the video for 'Catch' a surprising, hilarious and cinematic experience, but gives us an insight into the passion that equally fuels and frustrates the songwriter.

'Catch' will be available on a new limited edition 7" on Full Time Hobby (pre-order) and we hope she'll have news of an LP soon. For now you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can get a taste of her new material at these live dates:

14th NL Amsterdam, Tuinzaal
15th BE Antwerp, Rock Lobster
16th BE Brussels, AB Salon
17th UK Brighton, The Prince Albert
18th UK Manchester, Gulliver’s
19th UK Leeds, Oporto
20th UK London, The Islington
23rd UK Glasgow, Hug & Pint (Great Western Fest)
24th UK Newcastle, Bobiks
25th UK Bristol, The Grain Barge