Venue: McCluskys: New Slang Support Bands: Friendship + Mistakes.In.Animation Date: 02/07/09 Did I just see the best band in Britain? First up was the erratic Mistakes.In.Animation. Combing elements of The Vertigo Of Bliss era Biffy Clyro with Jetplane Landing (not the Jazzier new JPL), they were ok. Their live performance was very reminiscent of Biffy in their early days, especially the way Del Noble (singer/guitarist) thrusts his way around the stage, My main criticisms are that at times it wasn't tight enough, the bass player looked bored and they dipped their toe's into U2 territory once they cracked out the delay pedal. Other than that they were ok. The second band to enter the stage was the fantastically named Friendship. I'm being painfully honest when I say the first few songs bored me a bit. That mixed with the guitarist having major guitar strap FAIL, I was counting down the minutes for Dananananaykroyd to kick them off. Then all of a sudden then guitarist swapped his guitar for a bass and the two piece took flight. Epic would be a huge understatement. Once that happened my view of the band changed dramatically. I'll be seeing you guys again. I've heard all about Dananananaykroyd being amazing fun live but I never thought it would be THAT fun. As soon as they struck the first note I knew I was going to be in for an incredible evening. Glaswegian wit (Michael Jackson? Who? I think you mean Michael Johnson), mixed with their intense music (album of the year anyone?) and party vibe meant that the entire mob at New Slang was treated to an assault on all the senses. I think that's the key to why this band are so good. They're not a jokey band at all, but they certainly don't take themselves too seriously. I have no doubt in my mind that they're best band in Britain right now. Rating: 10/10 Links