There isn't really much you need to say when the names involved are the likes of Marie Davidson and Daniel Avery. With both artists coming hot off more than strong 2018 releases, a meeting of the minds in Avery's 'Lara' remix feels something like a victory lap for both.

While Song for Alpha was surely a joy, Davidson's Working Class Woman felt like something both new and definitive , her bold, often dry wit oozing venom all across her stark soundscapes. So, it makes sense for Avery to delve further into his recent ambient techno foray via her work, rather than the other way around. Indeed, Avery's own excitement is clear: "here’s no one else like Marie. I’m proud to have this one out there."

What's resulted from his elation is nothing short of a worthy middle ground between the two artist's worlds. Check 'Lara' out below.