Daniel Blumberg is still only 27 but has been putting out music in a plethora of different guises for a decade now. From the auspicious beginnings with Cajun Dance Party, to Yuck, to putting out solo works under the monikers Oupa and Hebronix, to recently working in free-form improvisation in the Cafe Oto scene, he's pretty much the definition of restless. Unsurprisingly he has a new project set for release, surprisingly it's being released under his own given name. Minus is the first Daniel Blumberg album, coming out on Mute on May 4th.

The first teaser of Minus is the title track, a 6 minute song that starts intimate with just Daniel on piano, recalling regretful actions. As it slowly crawls through the recesses of his attempted apathy, with him repeating "minus the intent to feel," creaking and whining violins creep in, emphasising his lonesome pain. 'Minus' is a confessional song from someone feeling like they need to get these things off their chest, even if it might be tearing them apart to do so. It taps into the central themes of the album, which Daniel recorded over 5 days after a debilitating break-up of a 7-year relationship.

'Minus' also comes with a video of Daniel playing in his shed, edited by Cannes winner, David Jancso. Watch that below and check out tour dates beneath.

Minus is a 7-track album set for release on Mute on May 4th which can be pre-ordered here. Check out Daniel Blumberg at the following dates:

04 May Rough Trade East, London, England - Tickets
17 May St George’s Church @ Brighton Festival, Brighton, England
01 June Café Oto, London, England
09 July Café Oto, London, England
25 August Sea Change Festival, Totnes, England