Headed down the scenic trail of synth-rock with sprinklings of indie-pop coated on top, Nashville collective, Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes is the latest purveyors of genre-blending bliss. Ahead of their third full-length album, Fashion, the quartet has released their next single, ‘Running’ with its accompanying music video. Swirling with infectious melodies, an attractive mid-level tempo, and pleasing-to-the-senses vocals, the band’s latest track travels in all the right directions in its three minutes running time.

The video for ‘Running’ features a woman becoming enthralled then finding herself disengaged with her male counterpart. Shots of Ellsworth and guitarist Timon Lance are frequently interjected as the pair performs in front of green, blue, yellow, and red screens as their backdrop. This latest contribution to the forthcoming album finds the band on their trademark trajectory of ear-catching hooks and unequivocally heady arrangements. However, the case can be made that ‘Running’ exhibits a slightly more melodic cadence than recent tracks, placing the four-piece at their most vulnerable and poignant status yet.

Here’s what the band shared with us about the video:

"We shot the video for ‘Running’ with director Joe Gomez here in Nashville. We wanted to subtly capture the story of the song, which is a reflection on a broken relationship told from the perspective of someone who is really torn up about the whole thing because they're still in love and unsure why the other person left. Filmed in the penthouse suite at The Fairlane Hotel and also the art gallery at Fort Houston, the video features Danielle Maltby and Doy Gardner beautifully capturing the emotion of a struggling relationship. In the end - tired, but still in love - Doy eventually makes his way back to Danielle. Joe's use of different colors to help convey emotions is the string that ties the whole video together.”

Watch the video for ‘Running’ below.

Behind the collective of Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes is of course Ellsworth on vocals & keys with Lance on guitar as well as Marshall Skinner on bass and Joel Wren on drums. Earlier this year, the group released two EPs entitled Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. With those mini albums combined, plus an additional six new songs, the band is set to release their next LP, Fashion, on August 24.

Daniel Ellsworth And The Great Lakes Tour Dates:

August 2 - Chicago, IL - F$#kapalooza at Tonic Room
August 3-4 - Appleton, WI - Mile Of Music Festival
August 24- New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2)
September 28 - Nashville, TN - COLOR PARTY album release event at Exit/In
September 29 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafe