Label: Eternal Yip Eye Music Release date: 18/04/06 - Out Now! Website: Johnston's Official Website Buy: Amazon Daniel Johnston is, shall we say, a little difficult. Whilst some will happily herald him as a musical and lyrical genius, many of us are left to sit around and wonder what the fuss is about. The world’s most famous outsider musician is also notorious for being more than a little crazy throughout his lifetime, as anyone who has listened to him in depth, or seen the brilliant documentary ‘The Devil And Daniel Johnston’ can attest to and, when faced when his daunting back catalogue, your average person will be inclined not to bother. In ‘Welcome To My World’, though, there is a place to start. Call it what you will – a greatest hits, a best of, a retrospective – but what it boils down to is an intriguing collection that is representative of the many forms Johnston’s musical expression has taken. There’s the bizarre pounding of the fuzzy, super lo-fi tracks recorded on nothing more than a chord organ and a boom box in a garage that went on to be among his most famous (probably due to endorsements by Kurt Cobain and others), the creepy echoing of his solo piano recordings and the rambling antifolk or more straight up bluesy tracks, recorded after Johnston decided he wanted to play guitar, because all the biggest stars were guitarists. No matter what the style, they are all accompanied by Daniel Johnston’s distinctively emotional voice. The collection is far from coherent, with styles, chronology and recording quality varying wildly from track to track, but every song featured is fantastic – the best of the best of Johnston’s vast library of recordings. It should provide more than enough Daniel Johnston for the casual listener, but if you find yourself captivated by a particular group of tracks, then it will act as a springboard for the beginning of your weird and wonderful journey in to his music. Without guidance, it would be easy to walk away with an absolutely terrible first impression of Daniel Johnston. So watch the amazing documentary to get to know the man, listen to this amazing compilation to get to know his music, and see where your relationship with him goes next. Rating: 8/10