IRAH are a duo, made up of Danish singer Stine Grøn and Bosnian instrumentalist Adi Zukanović, who have just announced that they'll be releasing a new album called Diamond Grid on May 24th. The first track to be shared from the LP is called 'Unity of Gods', which they explain "is about longing to stay in touch with both yourself and nature as you feel disconnected from these natural elements because of digital disturbances.”

'Unity of Gods' wonderfully evokes that fading connection with nature through Grøn's delicate vocals that whisper and fade into the soft piano bedding that underscores the track. As IRAH push the song onwards, layers of mist-like synths start to build up in the track, wrapping themselves around our singer, seemingly pulling her away from her desired mental destination. Nevertheless, the beauty of the combination cannot be denied, and 'Unity of Gods' is a simply wondrous song that gently but quickly pulls you into its orbit and keeps you engrossed in this subtle battle of the senses that unfolds across in a tapestry of finely-finely woven instrumental elements.

IRAH's new album Diamond Grid is due out via Tambourhinoceros on May 24th. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.