Lowly, the Danish art-pop quintet signed to Bella Union, will be releasing a second album called Hifalutin on April 12th. It follows up their underappreciated gem of a debut album, Heba, from 2017.

If Heba showed a desire for expansive and unusual textures, Hifalutin promises to push things even further, as they avow: “If you stick to just what you know, your music, your art or whatever your situation is becomes stagnant, and we wouldn’t like to miss out on anything, just because we felt too comfortable.”

The first track from the new album to be shared is 'Baglaens', a song that features shimmering synths refracted as if through panes of shifting glass. The shape-shifting song is held together by the subtly jazzy drumming and utterly captivating vocal turn from Soffie Viemose. As ever with Lowly, the first listen is merely a glimpse of what's truly held within the track, and subsequent repeats reveal new depths and layers of intrigue, which will hopefully expand further across Hifalutin when we get to hear it in April.

Lowly are soon to announce some live dates, but before that you can continue listening to 'Baglaens' and pre-order Hifalutin from Bella Union ahead of its April 12th release.