Pop music is a bit of a fickle mistress. It's important to make a strong, memorable first impression; you've got to go big or go home. Fortunately, Danish singer/songwriter Gabriela Olmedo Catalán, aka KING, has taken those words to heart by delivering what might just be one of the biggest debuts of the year.

Born in Copenhagen in the early '90s, KING's exotic background of Cuban and Chilean heritage (her uncle, rather bizarrely, was one of Fidel Castro's bodyguards) along with the Scandinavian region's knack for developing future beacons of pop music means KING is already off to a winning start in a lane all her own. By age 11, she began perfecting her talents and found a love for dance with local street dancing outfits before becoming a teacher of dance by age 18.

Over the past last 12 months, KING has been fully in artist mode - creating her own music with new, exciting producers including Marcus Bormann, who produced the ethereal, neo-soul inspired 'Promise'. The approach on the chorus is pretty simple but man, it's a big one. "The truth is not always visible, and when it comes to love it can be hard to know whether people's intentions are the same as yours," KING told us via email. "In a world where a laugh is not necessarily a laugh and a smile is not that truthful anymore, stating 'promise you'll lead me along' is a vow we all need to be able to love and feel loved."

Premiering exclusively with The 405, 'Promise' is set to be released on June 17 via Quarterback Entertainment. Get your first listen of this delectable pop number now via the player below.