Well well well. Danny Brown is writing a children's book – he revealed this in an interview for triple j, an Australian radio station. He says it's about "self-esteem in black girls," which is a refreshing topic for a children's book.

Inspired by Dr Seuss – specifically saying "I want it to be real Dr. Seuss-y. The Grinch, Green Eggs And Ham, and One Fish, Two Fish - what was going on in that guy's brain to be able to write those things?" – Danny went on to explain the thinking behind the book.

"You know how black women do so much - process their hair, change their eye colour - it’s really about a little girl who does all these things to herself and changes herself and she realises she’s just better off the way she is."

The book is as yet untitled, but it's a really cool idea. He's apparently writing it for his daughter, and it's taking forever to finish, but once it is we're sure he'll be proud of it and it will do very well. More people should write children's books! It would cheer everybody up.

On the topic of music, Danny Brown said, "I think I AM Dr. Seuss! I'm The Grinch, I'm all his characters come to life in rap music." He also revealed that he's in the early stages of creating a follow up to 2013 album Old; he's been "recording like a maniac" to try and make it the best album possible.