Danny Brown has lent his vocals to a new ABC comedy called Fresh Off the Boat, based on the memoir of the same name by chef/writer/restauranteur Eddie Huang, the pilot of which aired last night (4th February). It's not the first time the two have worked together: Danny Brown previously appeared on Eddie Huang's series for VICE, which was also called "Fresh Off the Boat".

Here's an Instagram post from Danny Brown that samples the theme song:

With a style said to be similar to that of Everybody Hates Chris, Fresh Off the Boat is the first Asian-American comedy in 20 years, following on from Margaret Cho's not-so-successful All-American Girl. Eddie Huang himself, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, has scrutinised the show for being too broad and attempting universal appeal: "I don't think you need to broaden it to make it appealing," he said. "What makes it appealing is when it is specific."

He went on to rate the show, "I think it's at 85 percent — I give it a B." And whilst he thinks the first season is "mechanical" and "sitcomy," Huang has stated that he wants to take the show to another level for season two, firmly expressing his belief in the show's potential: "I didn't come out to L.A. to make a sitcom. I see this all as art."

• Did you hear Danny Brown is writing a children's book à la Dr. Seuss?