Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky are a weird bunch when put together. Just think back to their appearance together on the now defunct Kathy Griffin talk show when the sex dice were brought out. However, put them in a recording studio together and that weirdness will be channelled into something quite interesting; Brown's guest appearance on Rocky's '1 Train' being one such example.

Now they're back together on a re-recording of Brown's 'Kush Coma', which he released only a few months ago. But the tweaking has done it some good. After performing a crazy freestyle on Tim Westwood's Radio 1 show, Brown also dropped this official version of the song. Not much has really changed beyond the addition of the Rocky verses, and it still has that "so much more than an ode to weed." Of course, as it's a radio edit, it does lose something in the censoring process so it'll be nice to hear an official, uncensored version sometime soon.

Listen over at Complex.

The track is set to appear on Brown's new album, Old, which drops in August.