Dan Snaith has already been busy this year, having released the 93rd entry of the Fabriclive series under his Daphni moniker, and then playing many of his trademark extended DJ sets all over the place. Last week he tweeted a clip of some new music, and many assumed that it was a hint at new music from Caribou (probably because it came via his @caribouband acccount), but it has today been revealed that Snaith will be releasing a new album as Daphni - and even more exciting, it drops this Friday.

The follow-up to Jiaolong is entitled Joli Mai, which is largely made up of full, extended versions of some of the absolutely slamming cuts he worked into his Fabriclive 93 mix, like 'Carry On', 'The Truth' and 'Medellin'. As well as those there's 'Vulture', a song that has been been teased in DJ sets by the likes of Ben UFO and Joy Orbison, and appeared in shortened version in the recent Fabriclive 94 by Midland.

To celebrate the release of the album, Daphni will be playing a couple of extended DJ sets at more intimate club venues in London this weekend; on Saturday he'll be at Five Miles and on Sunday he'll be at Corsica Studios (click on the links for tickets).

You can listen to the full version of 'Carry On' below, and pre-order the album here. It's likely this cut will get your heart thumping - thankfully we only have to wait until Friday to hear the rest of Joli Mai.