Dan Snaith of Caribou and Daphni has returned again with more music ideal for dancefloors in the sunshine - a place where he thrives as a DJ. It makes sense that he'd want to create more music for this idyllic arena, and he's timed his return to coincide with the arrival of festival season. He promises a new 4-track EP is just around the corner, but for now we have the pearl of a pick in 'Sizzling'.

The new track re-works Paradise's 1981 smooth classic 'Sizzlin Hot' (which was re-discovered on the 2017 reissue of the album), taking the central vocal hook and giving it a modern jolt. It's a track that Snaith has already deployed in his characteristically diverse sets; ""From the very first time I played it on New Years Eve 2018, it lights up the room every time I play it. The hook is so immediate - people respond to it like it’s a song they already know and love." Pushing the tempo with un unforgiving and irresisitible party pulse, Snaith makes what's already a surefire crowd pleaser into a pumped up party monster, sure to push dancers through the swelling sunshine.

More news about Daphni's upcoming EP should be just around the corner. He's got these festival dates approaching, at which you might get to hear more new material:

7 Jun - London @ Junction 2
7 Jun - London @ Fabric (b2b Hunee)
6 Jul - Paris, FR @ Peacock Society
7 Jul - Perk, BE @ Paradise City
18 Jul - Barcelona, ES @ Sonar