Noting the departure of former lead singer James Buttery, UK duo Darkstar (James Young and Aiden Whalley) have announced their first formal album as the new incarnation of the group with Foam Island.

The September 25th release features 'Pin Secure', which boasts Whalley on vocals taking the place of the aforementioned Buttery. The light R&B flickers with a soft-tempo electro glitch, illuminating a subtle yet stirring wave of synth and various other pattern movements on the new track, which Whalley traverses with his own subdued vocals.

Listen to 'Pin Secure' below and pre-order Foam Island today on Bleep.

Foam Island Tracklist:

  • 1. Basic Things
  • 2. Inherent in the Fibre
  • 3. Stoke the Fire
  • 4. Cuts
  • 5. Go Natural
  • 6. A Different Kind of Struggle
  • 7. Pin Secure
  • 8. Through the Motions
  • 9. Tilly's Theme
  • 10. Foam Island
  • 11. Javan's Call
  • 12. Days Burn Blue