Back in September, it was announced that Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm would be working on some collaborative material. A Darkstar remix of one of those resulting tracks, 'Four', has now surfaced.

James from Darkstar said this about the remix:

"We were sent a link earlier in the year to the Nils and Ólafur project and ended up sampling the chromatic percussion and building a remix of sorts around that. The original track is a great piece and our interpretation is something that evolves and mutates around a guitar riff Aiden started playing while we played through the original."

On Friday 4th December, the duo will be debuting music from their recent album Foam Island at Oval Space in association with Panic!: What Happened to Social Mobility in the Arts?, a series taking place at the Barbican.

Listen to the remix of 'Four' below.