Every year, cynics come out of the woodwork to lament the death of guitar music. But so long as band's like Brooklyn's Darkwing are around, guitar music will be here to stay. That's because Darkwing, masterminded by Richard Rogers, are able to pack in such a wealth of emotions -- anxiety, humor, anger -- into the sounds of only a handful of instruments, but most importantly, the guitar. On the group's new single, 'Ignorant Ghost,' the frustrations of being ghosted by a partner manifest themselves in a soaring chorus and crunching guitars.

Cruising in on a wiry guitar line and a thumping kick drum, 'Ignorant Ghost' sets the stage of a relationship doomed to fail before the thunder pounds down. Rogers, harmonizing with Lyzi Wakefield, lets loose a whole tangle of anxieties and frustrations. 'Ignorant Ghost' could be just another ear worm thanks to its catchy composition, but its the events feeding Rogers' raw, enthralling vocals and lyrics that make 'Ignorant Ghost' a must-listen.

"I was seeing this girl and then she ghosted me," explains Rogers. "It was impressive actually. So I was feeling bad about that and wrote this song as a sort of healing therapy, like I told myself that I got away from her and not the other way around. These kinds of songs are almost automatic responses to emotional discomfort. Reflex."

You can stream Darkwing's 'Ignorant Ghost' up above, and if you are in the U.S., be sure to catch them on any of their upcoming tour dates. A trio of shows with Delaware's Grace Vonderkuhn are sure to be absolutely killer.

  • 26 July - Dwell (w/Grace Vonderkuhn); Washington, DC
  • 27 July- Kobol (w/Grace Vonderkuhn); Philadelphia, PA
  • 28 July - Alphaville (w/Grace Vonderkuhn); New York, NY
  • 17 August - Our Wicked Lady; Brooklyn, NY