Name: Das Leben der Anderen - "The Lifes Of Others" Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck Year: 2007 Words by: Rachel Kelly The story of 'The Lives Of Others unfolds mostly through the eyes of a secret service agent who's been given the task of spying on an artistic couple who've attracted the attention of the Minister of Culture. Little by little, he's drawn into their lives even as we're drawn into his; and as he loses his faith in the government, he must decide whether or not to try to hide the transgressions of those he's watching. As the physical danger and emotional cost mounts, it's impossible not to become utterly engrossed; intelligent and well-written, The Lives Of Others is also deeply moving. It's wonderful to see how the character of the spy begins to help the couple, who in which he is investigating. For once in his life he doesn't obey the rules that he has always went by, instead we find himself going against what he had always believed in. Throughout the movie we feel a great sadness towards the character of "Wiesler". As he begins to see his life for what it really is. This occurs to him after been given his new task; the longer he listens in on the couple, their friendships, passions and ideas, the more he realises that his own life and the harsh political regime are lacking in colour and joy in many respects. As the lines between orders and compassion become blurred, Wiesler becomes more involved with his subject, walking a dangerous path between his duty and his new found reality. This movie is without a doubt well worth a watch.. Seeing certain character's changing and adapting to their new lifes. I was extremely emotional throughout the movie and the suspence throughout the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. I found myself in tear's by the end of the movie and felt absolutely every feeling the characters must have went through, especially HGW XX/7 (Wielers code name). The ending of this movie is one of the best I have seen in a long time, it makes everything feel complelte, yet we feel a mixture of happiness and sad at the very end. Please if you havn't seen this movie, make sure you watch it at some point in your life as the way in which the story it told is utterly compelling. A definite must see, A Masterpiece.