'Yuba Reprise' arrives at the halfway point (or ends side one if you're a vinyl junkie like myself) on the new Date Palms release The Dusted Sessions.

Date Palms, originally a duo with Gregg Kowalsky and Marielle Jakobsons at the helm, but The Dusted Sessions finds them expanding their personnel and instrumentation, adding to the mix an electric bass (Ben Bracken), a tanpura (Michael Elrod), and even electric guitar (Noah Philips) for the first time.

'Yuba Reprise' is a peaceful, ambient track. The influence of Eastern music, specifically Indian classical music, on the sound of Date Palms is front and center on this here. Shimmering, soft keys begin 'Yuba Reprise', as the violin notes bends and the keyboards plink out notes, meandering and repeating themselves. Washes of drones rise and fall in the background. There is more mood than melody here and it is exactly what is needed. 'Yuba Reprise' builds was washes away quickly, but doesn't feel rushed or lazy. Instead, it gives a feeling of finality and conclusion, but one that leaves the door open.

The Dusted Sessions is due out on Thrill Jockey June 11th.