Daughter have teamed-up with Square Enix® to create the original score for a new game called Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, the prequel to 2015's Life Is Strange. The video-game publisher, which is responsible for best-sellers such as Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, has commissioned the London-based trio to compose an entire soundtrack that will be available on September 1st as Music from Before the Storm.

Among the new tracks is 'Burn It Down', which you can stream here.The band has also announced that the soundtrack will contain previously-released Daughter songs. "We are so proud to have written the soundtrack for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm," says vocalist Elena Tonra. "It was our first experience working on an original soundtrack, and we are so honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with the team. We loved the story on first read as it centres around realistic female lead characters who are emotional, intelligent, sensitive and badass in equal measure. I think the characters themselves have really inspired the soundscapes we have created. It was a pleasure to be involved."