2014 is the 40th anniversary of the original single releases of David Bowie's 'Rock'n'Roll Suicide' and '1984', and as we all know, the music industry can't ignore an anniversary with a zero or a five on the end of it without putting out some kind of reissue, especially when Record Store Day is just around the corner.

Bowie will re-release the two singles as limited edition 7" picture discs on April 19th, both tracks will come backed by live recordings of themselves on their b-sides. The take of 'Rock'n'Roll Suicide' is taken from the 1973 Hammersmith Odeon show where Bowie retired his Ziggy Stardust character, while the version of the Diamond Dogs cut comes from a performance on the Dick Cavett show.

Watch 'Rock'n'Roll Suicide' live at the Hammersmith Odeon below.

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