Last year, David Bowie completely misunderstood what birthdays were about and gave us the present of his return, after secretly working on his 24th studio album for a few years with not a peep about it leaking. It was a perfectly crafted return and one, unlike others, that yielded a pretty fantastic album too in The Next Day. Almost a year on, and with Bowie up for BRIT awards this week, producer Tony Visconti had a chat with BBC News about how he feels about the whole thing. He also mentioned that the leftover tracks from the sessions were 'astounding' at the recent Music Producers Guild Awards (via NME).

In the interview, Visconti talks about the reception of the album as well as rumours that had been floating around that made it unlikely that Bowie would make another record, despite him and Visconti being in the studio all that time. "We were very excited by the reaction. Honestly I was in a daze for the first week, because keeping a secret for two years took quite a lot of lying. I almost started believing my own stories!"

"No one believed that David Bowie was going to make another album and so the timing was perfect, because everyone kind of gave up on him. There were rumours of bad health and rumours of retirement, and I'm laughing my head off every time I hear them. I'm in the studio with a very healthy man who has no problem writing songs, he wrote easily thirty songs for that album." With plenty of songs left over, and clearly with a tenacity to write more, we can only hope that The Thin White Duke has more in him, ready to deal out more albums on a level with those released in his '70s heyday.

Watch the video for 'The Next Day':

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