Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Mirrors of Fate producer, Dave Cox has recently spoken to Siliconera alluding that if there were to be a reboot of the Contra franchise, it needs something new inline with social circles that accept Call of Duty for it to be a popular series again.

'If someone were to do Contra, to say hypothetically, it would be like a new IP in many ways. We are hardcore gamers, we played those games, but there are a lot of people that don’t know what Contra is. They have no idea. There is a massive audience out there, they play Call of Duty and love those games, but they don’t know what Contra is. I think if we were going to reintroduce something to that audience. It has to be new, unique, it’s got to stand out. It’s got to have a new idea, something really cool about it that’s never been done before."

The irony of this statement was a bit too much to swallow when you open saying "You can’t just bring out a generic shooter" what is Call of Duty if not that?

Kinda like saying if Refused had to come back as a punk band for "massive audience" appeal, they need to be like Paramore.

Tangents aside, I think Dave Cox is right for the most part about getting new blood interested in the series, he just probably doesn't want to see Contra become a relic of time. However, it's wrong to say you need to twist a game's arm to make it more inline with a crowd of gamers therefore making it something different - Especially since Contra has already gone through several evolutions that just didn't work, and it's always for some reason worked as a arcade shmup-like run n' gun series: if that makes it niche, then so be it, at least its damn good at what it does.