I like Entourage. Does anybody else? Well, I really like it. In fact, I've done what I seem to always do with series and watch it till the very end and then not watch the last episode. Actually, I think I saw half of the last episode. Like, I still have two episodes of Breaking Bad to go. I just don't like the ride to end, I guess.

Anyway, why Entourage? Because apparently director David Fincher (lots music vidoes, Gone Girl, Se7en, The Social Network, etc.) is going to be directing a structurally similar series called Living On Video, about the music (video) industry in 1983 Los Angeles, following a college dropout named Bobby who goes West in search of a career directing sci-fi flicks. Co-writing the series are previous collaborators Bob Stevenson and Rich Wilkes. It's gonna be well '80s, isn't it? I mean well '80s. Music, fashion, general things.

It's already been pitched to and approved by HBO – and casting has begun. Watch this space.

I don't know why but all I can think of is a young Ari Gold making a cameo... somehow. Remember that paintball scene? He's the best.

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Oh and is Living On Video named after this?