Legendary director, artist and musician David Lynch has today released a super deluxe edition of last year's Crazy Clown Time LP. Lynch has teamed up with 4AD visuals guru Vaughan Oliver to produce this extremely limited set. The album comes packaged in a red “leatherette” book and includes the album on CD, two heavyweight vinyl LP’s and a 24 page art and lyrics book all presented in a rigid black Suedelle slipcase.

Vaughan had this to say about the project “The design of the Super Deluxe was inspired by the original photograph of the hand with red die that David sent for use on the front cover. Red, black and silvery grey in colour it also has a low culture feel about it which I developed in a tactile way with special materials. I was aiming for a sexy, kitsch quality with the black suede slipcase and red foil-blocked type. The book that slides out enhances this concept with a red leatherette finish and silver clothed spine whilst adding an “art book” touch with the “tipped in” image of the red die set into a debossed square centred on the book cover. The overall effect exhudes, sex, sleaze and “roulette wheel” ambience. Central to the content is a lavish 12”x12” booklet which allows David’s “forensic” photographs to dominate over a very simple, reserved approach to the lyrics layout”.

You can order your copy via Rough Trade, the cheapest we could find it priced £99.99 here.

    Track Listing:

  • 1. Pinky’s Dream
  • 2. Good Day Today
  • 3. So Glad
  • 4. Noah’s Ark
  • 5. Football Game
  • 6. I Know
  • 7. Strange and Unproductive Thinking
  • 8. The Night Bell With Lightning
  • 9. Stone’s Gone Up
  • 10. These Are My Friends
  • 11. Speed Roadster
  • 12. Movin’ On
  • 13. She Rise Up