On January 27, Dawn Richard will release a deluxe addition to Infrared, her collaborative project with noted producer, Kingston, which was originally released in the spring of last year. Along with the EP's original four tracks, Fade to Mind have delivered new remixes from the likes of Rizzla, Ikonika (Hyperdub), Helix (Night Slugs), Divoli S’vere and more.

Hear a Rizzla remix of 'Paint it Blue' and find the full tracklist below.

  • CD & DL Tracklisting:
  • 1. Honest
  • 2. How I Get It
  • 3. Paint It Blue
  • 4. Baptize
  • 5. Baptize (Kingdom's Honest VTX)
  • 6. How I Get It (Helix Remix)
  • 7. Paint It Blue (Rizzla Remix)
  • 8. How I Get It (Leonce Remix)
  • 9. Honest (Helix Remix)
  • 10. Paint It Blue (Ikonika Remix)
  • 11. How I Get It (Byrell The Great Remix)
  • 12. Honest (Divoli S'vere Remix)
  • 13. How I Get It (Divoli S'vere Remix)
  • 14. Baptize (Leonce Remix)