It has been nearly six years since Day Joy released its beautiful debut record, Go To Sleep, Mess. But life has a habit of getting in the way and so the band, fronted by Orlando-based songwriter Michael Serrin, largely stepped into the shadows. But with some time, healing and growth, Day Joy is back and from the sound of things, they are better than ever. A new album, Great Satan, Mass Appeal, is due out later this year and new single 'Not Anymore' is an absolute stunner.

While Day Joy's past work slanted toward folk-pop, 'Not Anymore' has a lovely '60s pop sound to it, like the best of the Beach Boys seaside love songs. Serrin's heavenly voice soars gently above a soft bed of drums and guitar. There is a timeless quality to the sound, a sound that evokes longing, love and heartache. For what it is worth, I listened to the song more than a dozen times in a row and felt a serenity wash over me that I hadn't felt in quite some time. In other words, this is a good song.

According to Serrin, 'Not Anymore' is about moving on from toxic people in your life.

"I feel like the subject matter is particularly relevant in the new year when so many are focused on self improvement, transformation, etc.," he says. "The song also takes on a tongue-in-cheek arrogance: 'I don't need air. I don't need sleep.' The ending references '50s American doo-wop; the distant roar of a train in the background signals moving on."

Listen to 'Not Anymore' up above and be sure to check out Great Satan, Mass Appeal when it drops later this year.