It’s either Jai Wolf’s new single—or it’s the highway. Known as ‘Your Way’, the track is yet another indication of the Bangladeshi artist’s pivot to indie rock; his new record will be a splendid compilation of influences and collaborators. Watch the video for the new single featuring Day Wave below.

“I was really excited to work with Jackson [Phillips, aka Day Wave] after a friend showed me his music 2 years ago. We wrote the lyrics fairly quickly—Jackson was noodling on his guitar and somehow spilled out exactly what I was feeling at the time. Releasing this song is like letting go of the emotional weight on my shoulders.” – Jai Wolf

That emotional weight may prove central to his new record, which will be titled The Cure To Loneliness. “I won’t be in your way,” the chorus rings out, diminishing our narrator’s already-precarious self-esteem. Day Wave’s trademark soft strums ignite the catharsis of ‘Your Way’, while production in the background gives it a broader playground to frolic in. Although frolicking is unlikely; instead they will trudge about like in the animated clip, staring at their dusty sneakers until the street lamps flicker on.

While Jai Wolf gained popularity with electronic bangers like ‘Indian Summer’, he has said that The Cure To Loneliness is the best embodiment of himself. Previous singles ‘Lose My Mind’ (featuring Mr. Gabriel) and the more strictly electro ‘Telepathy’ will appear on the album when it comes out on April 5 via Mom + Pop.

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