Flasher are a band from Washington D.C., featuring Taylor Mulitz (formerly of Priests), Daniel Saperstein and Emma Baker, who make crusty and cruising punk rock music. Their natural flair and confidence caught the ear of Domino records, who signed them up for the release of their debut album. They've announced will be called Constant Image and come out on June 8th.

The announcement comes in tandem with their new song and video 'Pressure'. It's a song that takes cues from the hallowed history of their city's punk scene, but is undoubtedly looking forward - and audibly pushing it there too. This is done through urgent guitars and vocals sparking and intertwining with fidgeting drums and percussion. In this mesh of untameable sound Flasher tell tales of natural discomfort and alienation, bringing the whole song together into a slick and suspicious single.

Flasher says of the song and its video: “’Pressure’ is a song that treads the line between queer delight and delirium, and crushing isolation and survival. The video for ‘Pressure’, made in collaboration with Weird Life films and featuring designer and Chicago based artist An Authentic Skidmark, is a compliment to the paradox of the song itself and an invitation to that world in between.”

Watch below.

Pre-order Constant Images from Domino ahead of its June 8th release.

You can follow Flasher on Facebook and Instagram.