Gauche is a new five piece from Washington DC with a couple of familiar faces (Mary Jane Regalado of Downtown Boys and Daniele Yandel of Priests are part of the band), who will be releasing their debut album A People's History of Gauche on July 12th through Merge.

Today they share the record's opening track, 'Flash', along with its infectious video. As you might expect, given their hometown, Gauche are an intelligent and somewhat intimidatingly opinionated act, drawing pointed opinions from simple ideas, as is the case here. About 'Flash' they tell us:

"The flash of a camera flattens a scene. It makes the colors pop, but it also makes reality 2D. To see true depth, you have to wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. You can’t cheat time. That’s what a flash is: a way of cheating time and vision, and like all attempts to cheat, it cheapens the experience. It distorts the depth and detail of the scene captured... It is the shadows, the edges, the things that block and obscure our view, that show us the most. The elevated view, the flash, the horizon, the lines that lead onward—they are the things that deceive."

Given the gravity of the above quote, you might be forgiven for thinking 'Flash' is a slow and mournful cut, but instead it's a wiggling and peppy punk jam. Daniele's words are sardonic and unimpressed, but matched with the playful guitar lines and insistent bass groove, which she naturally rides with her vocal melody, 'Flash' is undeniably kinetic. Bolstered by zagging keys and blasts of horn, Gauche's vitality pushes outwards from the tightly coiled track until we're at a full-throated, fist-pumping "yeah yeah yeah!" finale.

The video for 'Flash' takes on the idea of perspective and view, with director Alex Edelmann saying: The “Flash” video is connected to the “Conspiracy Theories” video by the camera I filmed them both with, a VHS Reporter, and through a location, the National Park Seminary. “Conspiracy Theories” and “Flash” are fraternal twins, very close but different in outlook."

Gauche's debut album A People's History of Gauche can be pre-ordered from Merge or digitally ahead of its July 12th release.

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