To make it to album number three, a group has to make a compelling debut and then avoid the sophomore slump. If you reach that third record, you are supposed to be a professional, a stone-faced musical grown-up. But don't tell that to De Lux. After their 2014 debut Voyager and 2015 follow-up Generation, the LA duo is gearing for its best and brightest LP, More Disco Songs About Love. The difference between this album and all the rest? Let's ask the band: "We like to say Voyage was our baby, Generation was our baby all grown up and More Disco Songs About Love thinks growing up sucks and just wants to party smart."

Direct and to the point, More Disco Songs About Love will feature 10 tracks of love-centric danceable jams from De Lux, which is comprised of Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco. Flashes of Talking Heads and New Order flood together with more conventional dance groups like Chic to form a fully formed and remarkably rich LP. The album's first track and first single, '875 Dollars,' sets the stage with a pulsing funk bass, lithe synths and the kind of vocal performance that transports you immediately to the dance floor, even if that dance floor is just your living room.

In fact, '875 Dollars' is about Guerin's childhood home and the titular dollar amount was the rent cost Guerin and his friends had to wrestle with each month to hold onto the house.

"'875' is a reaction to possibly losing a childhood home," says Guerin. "It's a relatively embarrassing amount of money needed to keep it going but a test of discipline and a sort of ruthlessness to do whatever it takes.

"It was the first song we recorded for the new album and it just so happens to be the first song we are releasing," he adds.

More Disco Songs About Love is due out on Jan. 19, 2018, through Innovative Leisure. In the meantime, if you happen to be in Long Beach, Calif., this Saturday, De Lux will be performing during the official Treefort Music Fest after-party of the Music Tastes Good festival. Maybe they'll bust out a new song or two? Should be a good time. Check out the info below.