It is rare to find a band who can bring the same emotional intensity as Nirvana did back in the good 'ol days of grunge, but here is a band that does exactly that. However, Dead Confederate are not just another Nirvana imitator but have created a sound that is all their own. This band effectively mixes the genres of grunge full with the raspy vocals and crunching guitars but also throw in a bit of alt-country sounds like Chris Isaak or My Morning Jacket. Being a big fan of both of those genres this band immediately appealed to me and I was hooked after hearing just one song, The Rat, which I have listened to over and over upon my discovery of this band a few weeks ago. Their newest album Wrecking Ball opens with a few hard hitting and intense grunge songs but near the middle morphs into their own brand of alt-country which shows that this band has some serious talent. I have included here for your listening pleasure the songs "The Rat" and "Yer Circus" so that you can get a fuller taste of their sound than with just one song, please enjoy.