There's something about the Dude Ranch of the Cats Purring collective of Mississippi that's turned it into a lofi pop hit factory. Dent May, Bass Drum of Death and Ills are all notable previous successes, and now it seems the time for Dead Gaze to come forward.

Dead Gaze is the moniker of R Cole Furlow and 'I Found The Ending' is from his upcoming eponymous retrospective for Palmist, FatCat's vinyl only sister label. It's a pop gem that sounds like the ultimate crate digging find - there's something fresh about it through it's allusions to great pop minds gone by that makes it sound at once new yet timeless.

Best bit - it's a free download from is Facebook page.

Dead Gaze - Dead Gaze comes out on the 25th March on Palmist Records. Pre-order here.