To celebrate Dead Gaze's forthcoming visit to the UK, we asked Cole Furlow to put together a mini playlist for us based on a subject of his choosing. He went with 'five songs that rule to listen to when you get off work', a subject which is rarely touched upon.

Not only that, but he's put together an additional mix that works 24 hours a day. What a sweetheart.

Check out the playlist and mix below, along with those tour dates.

  • Dead Gaze Live Dates:
  • Tue 26 Nov 2013 Belgium Brussels Madame Moustache
  • Wed 27 Nov 2013 France Mulhouse Le Greffier
  • Thu 28 Nov 2013 Italy Ravenna Moog
  • Fri 29 Nov 2013 Italy Milano La Sacrestia
  • Sat 30 Nov 2013 Italy Conegliano (Treviso) Appartamento Hoffman
  • Sun 01 Dec 2013 Switzerland Bern Rossli
  • Tue 03 Dec 2013 France Lyon tbc
  • Wed 04 Dec 2013 France Paris L'espace B+ Tempers
  • Thu 05 Dec 2013 UK London Old Blue Last
  • Sat 07 Dec 2013 UK Bristol Start the Bus
  • Sun 08 Dec 2013 UK Milton Keynes Crauford Arms
  • Mon 09 Dec 2013 UK London Windmill

"Here are five songs that rule to listen to when you get off work. I tend to think of these songs as thank you notes to yourself for making it through another day. I listen to these songs at very high volumes."

Blondie - 'Dreaming'

This is the song you listen to at the party you have after you get off work. Listen at the highest volume you can. No one can sit still. Induces the funk at high levels. Serious dance vibes fly everywhere.

Mel Waiters - 'Hole in the Wall'

Old juke joint staple. Made for drinking and smoking and general chilling out. I lived in Cleveland, MS for 2 years and became a believer in juke joint pop. Nothing but Mel waiters works sometimes. Makes you excited in ways you've never felt.

Spacemen 3 - 'Losing Touch With My Mind'

This is the ultimate banger that makes you forget how much your job sucks. But it also makes you realize being alive and well isn't as bad as you think. Celebrating anything is rad. Even if it's losing your mind or knowing everything. It also makes you numb in a good "I've accomplished something today" way.

Waylon Jennings - 'Bob Wills is Still the King'

I can't think of many things I like listening to more than Waylon Jennings celebrating a Texas hero. This is the ultimate throw your beer in the air and worship the art of having fun jam. Nothing means more.