Label: Dead Young Records Release date: 17/05/10 Link: Website Back in September 2008, Dead Young Records put out an EP called Dead Young Club Vol. 1 to showcase some of their newest signings. This month the Leeds based label are releasing a second in the series, which – true to sequential logic – is entitled Dead Young Club Vol. 2. The EP kicks of with 'All Y'all' by Atlanta rock 'n' rollers, Gringo Star. If you manage to stifle your groans at this lame pun of a name you'll catch an American band doing a near perfect impersonation of The Kinks. Guitars, voices, a certain cheekiness - everything on this song is modelled on the Davies brothers and co. To clarify that, The Kinks before they entered the seventies and became progressively shit. 'All Y'all' is fun and delivered with a lot of energy, but anyone looking for something other than sixties nostalgia will be unimpressed. Reversing the emulation relation of the first track, the second sees Brits taking inspiration from an American classic. Liverpool's The Cubical deliver a ditty called 'Would Be Lovers', which in its brooding temperament, imaginative lyrics and growled vocals is very reminiscent of Tom Waits. Though the guitar and piano on the track make a rather repetitive tune together, overall this is a nice bit of dark poetry. As the last songs dies out, an electronic snarl signals the beginning of the next and its hard not to get carried away in its slobbering robotic jaws. This is '1268' by We//Are//Animal and it's a lively fusion of mechanical, near-industrial noises and organic indie rock. Far from being pretentious - as that last sentence may have suggested - it's a visceral track, which will have you itching to move. With a title like 'Dementia, Depression, Psychosis, Blues' I was expecting the EP to end with some angry disillusionment in the vein of Black Flag and tensed my body expectantly. I was a little disappointed then, when this song by Paul Thomas Saunders turned out to be the exact opposite. It must have been the momentary frustration of catharsis that barred me from instantly enjoying this gentle, floating song, as on subsequent listens I really enjoyed it. A pretty, folky lullaby full of shimmering echoes and squeaking guitar strings. All in all, a promising glimpse of these Dead Young talents. Photobucket