Most consumers usually have one subscription service per media medium. You either have Netflix or Amazon Video, or WWE Network or NBA League Pass; it's massively unlikely that you will have both unless you have money to burn or just love everything all the time. So in the music industry, it's interesting to see that many artists are now embracing the artist subscription model when there are so many services that provide music of all artists for one fee.

Deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerman) has always been an innovator when it comes to technology; just look at the progression of his mouse hoods for proof of that. Zimmerman has already published two apps on the iOS platform with developers Touch Mix so this area of tech is not new to him. What is new though, is the backlash of fans expecting an android version straight away.

The app allows users to have access to exclusive remixes, videos and news from the mouse himself. Zimmerman admints that this might be a risk by stating that "most publishers and labels are, still, completely overlooking the value of an artist created / driven subscription model. I guess it's sink or swim for me." The idea of more subscription services based on an artist have been discussed prior to this Deadmau5 example.

Dead(mau5) to rights?

Let's get this straight thoughm I'm not a superfan of anything, apart from BBQing, so this 'per artist' basis does not invigorate my payment gland. What about you? Would you subscribe exclusively to an artist and if so, who? Reply in the comments section below.