Australian post-punks Deaf Wish have this week announced the release of their fifth album, Lithium Zion, for release through Sub Pop on July 27th (August 3rd in the UK). It's the first of their albums recorded in a not-makeshift studio, and judging by lead single 'FFS' it has given them a little extra bite.

'FFS' phases into being on no wave guitars, plundering forth heedlessly for the song's rapid 2 minutes. Sarah Hardiman's voice is emphatic, only adding a little melodicism to her forceful vocals, matching up with the bristling guitars to give the song a decent amount of heft for a track that is so short. Despite its seeming seriousness, 'FFS' has a sardonic view of life's pleasures, Hardiman singing “I feel like a fool / out playing pool / hitting on you.” Check it out below.

Pre-order Deaf Wish's Lithium Zion from Sub Pop.