While the wait for Black Metal, the proper LP follow-up to the celebrated and polarizing 2013 LP The Redeemer is still on the way, producer Dean Blunt has been teasing a few outside pieces. The latest came today on Blunt's YouTube channel in the form of 'Trident'.

With Black Metal due at the beginning of November, Blunt's 'Trident' follows the previously released '50 Cent'. The latter will be appearing on the new double-album, per FACT, but was also grouped in the YouTube description for 'Trident'. Simply reading, "50 CENT / TRIDENT" and "12" / OCT." The newly released effort, however, won't be included on the new album.

Fans of the eclectic, experimental producer shouldn't be too thrown off by the lengthy 'Trident', which fuses cosmic guitar warps and half-strewn raps over bits of violent news pieces. The latter portion of the video, seen below, comes together without the news blasting through the back, giving a handle on Blunt's unhampered progressions.

Black Metal will see release November 3rd and 4th on Rough Trade.